STEP is a political watchdog and a clearinghouse for information that encourages buyers of entertainment to engage the Society’s members; strengthens and develops the business and personal capabilities of its members through education, communications and networking; and establishes and promotes business practices, standards and ethics within the live entertainment industry.
STEP is working continuously to protect you in your career as a Talent and Entertainment  Professional. STEP has,

kept band leaders, music agencies, speakers' bureaus, and novelty variety               agencies from being submitted to expensive bonding procedures.

kept you from opening your books annually to governmental inspection.

kept other agencies from having an unfair advantage in pricing, selling or marketing live entertainment .

New members will join a society made up of their peers -- professionals who make a living booking live entertainment. The Society of Talent and Entertainment Professionals is a unique group. 

We share business solutions, industry problems, showcasing, networking opportunities, and a really good time. 

Consider applying for membership today. 

The society scrutinizes new members and requires nominations be signed by two current members of the society, plus the endorsement of the executive committee.

How much are dues: Less than fifty cents a day. The combined power of this modest sum contributed by members drives the small, but powerful operations of STEP and ensures that a watchful eye and tenacious advocate is looking out for your interests.


Your invited to join us in Georgetown Texas this year for Educational Seminars
Featuring discussions on Business Solutions, Politics and more…. Networking with Industry Peers and our incredible Entertainment Showcase/Pub Crawl

March 5,6, 2017       
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As the owner of a fledgling artist management and booking agency, joining STEP has proved invaluable.  I have begun to establish not only great friendships but also an incredible network of experts and professionals with experience in every aspect of talent buying, production and event management.  Thanks to STEP, my business is growing and I’m one phone call away from the answer to any question I could ask.
Mark Grossman - AustinMusicWorks 

I have been afforded the opportunity to Develop working relationships, Increase bookings since I joined and More importantly, I now value the friendships that I share with many members of STEP. 
I would encourage any professional in our industry to consider joining this association. 
Dave Tapley – Talent Bookings USA  

I have been a STEP member for about 5 or 6 years now. I joined STEP originally for the networking. Since being with STEP I’ve made a lot of good friends in the business and have been able to share a lot of stories (good and bad) with other agencies. I highly recommend STEP if you like to keep informed.

Dave Sideman –

“STEP has proven to be a great resource for us in buying and selling entertainment.  The best benefit though is being able to network with a group of our peers, sharing industry standards and even fighting for a common cause- like lower taxes!!! “
Debbie Meyers CSEP – Bravo Entertainment

Certified Talent and Entertainment Professional 
Get the Recognition you deserve!