Did you know that the Texas Business Tax Reform Bill (HB-3) has major repercussions that will affect talent agents and the event industry? Without proper planning businesses Will see significant tax increases.

Are you aware that Talent Agents could have to hold a state issued license in order to sell in the State of Texas, that the State could look at your books and make you have a $10,000 bond on file in Austin with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation?  

Did you know that one organization has a history built upon fighting laws like these, and has made changes in it that allows you to operate safely, without huge fines and government intrusion into your business? 

Did you know that without our efforts there is a good chance that you would be paying tax on all the entertainment you currently book? 

Did you know that our organization is working to obtain the most favorable treatment that could save companies in our industry thousands of dollars?
By joining STEP you are supporting a group that is fighting for YOU to keep your livelihood free and viable? 


sometimes your competitors can be your best customers. Through STEP you'll get to know other professional agents across the state. And you'll develop long term business relationships that can pay off in the profit column.

Eye on Politics

STEP keeps you up to date on state legislative bills and national issues that can have an impact on your business. And the organization mobilizes against legislation that can be detrimental to professional booking agents.

Business Solutions

STEP members face many of the same business concerns. From contract provisions to ASCAP and BMI confusion, our members can help you solve everyday business problems.

Talent Showcases

Each year at the state STEP convention, you'll get to enjoy a variety of attractions at the evening showcase. See what's new, what's hot, and what you can use to build up your talent roster. 


STEP membership newsletters will give you the scoop on politics, meetings, conventions, new members, and a wealth of other timely information that's important to your business. 

Industry Certification

The CTEP (Certified Talent and Entertainment Professional) designation is awarded by STEP and its Certification Committee. STEP is the only Texas  organization representing producers in the entertainment industry.

Annual Convention

Each year you'll get to kick up your heels at the annual STEP Showcase & Confab. And you'll get to meet and commiserate with other agents who share your headaches, heartbreaks, success stories, and business concerns. 

Attraction Routing

Routing dates through Texas are easier to book when you have inside connections with other STEP members. Work with people you know and trust to fill those open dates or impress your customers by getting the best for less. 

Problem Solving

When you need help solving sticky booking problems, you'll have STEP by your side. Your peers are here. STEP is for the benefit of Talent and Entertainment Professionals.

Shared Information

Find out which artists are easy to work with and which ones cause headaches. You'll also be warned about unscrupulous, so-called "agents" known for dishonest business practices. 

Increased Profits

The bottom line always matters, and as a member of STEP you'll have access to new contacts who can help you build a bigger, better, more profitable entertainment booking agency.

STEP BENEFITS include networking, business solution, talent showcasingindustry Certification, quarterly meetings, Annual Convention, Attraction Routing,
Problem Solving, Shared Information, and a political watchdog.

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